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About the project

Entropy is the measure of the amount of kinetic energy that is not converted into work, which dictates the disorder of a system, as well as its unpredictability. Increasing the disorder, that is, the entropy of a thermodynamic system similarly means giving it the conditions for a greater number of microstates accessible to the particles that compose it.

Is entropy seen only as loss and chaos? Or can we find a space of resilience and the possibility of generating microstates of unpredictability that generate life again?

This is the starting point for the duo of dancers and choreographers Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado, who will hold an artistic residence at Mina de São Domingos, from September to December of this year, with rehearsals in which the community can participate. During this period, the two artists will prepare a new dance creation, to be performed together with elements of the community, in a wide window of time and where the sense of belonging and pride is combined with the exploration of new forms of corporal expression.

The workshop is based on the exploration of the concept of “entropy” through the body, through space, and also through the relationships that are established in a group.

Research and explorations based on reflection/action of the everyday gesture and the laws of physics applied to movement will be privileged. Starting from reality to the imaginary, through concrete physical experience and basic actions, creating metaphors through the observation of natural phenomena are some of the goals of this laboratory.

The artistic residence will take place from September 1 to December 14, at Mina de São Domingos, with the public presentation of the show taking place from December 15 to 17 at the Musical.

Dates and times
Artistic residency (open rehearsals) | September 1st to December 14th
Presentation of the Show | December 15th to 17th

Artistic residency | Mina de São Domingos, Mértola
Show | Musical, Mértola

Information and registration to participate in rehearsals producao.malacate@cepatorta.org | +351 924 744 056

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About the artists

Marina Nabais Born in Luanda, lived in Rio de Janeiro, and in Amsterdam. She currently resides in Lisbon, where she develops her artistic and pedagogical work. Master in Performing Arts – Movement Theater, at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa (2011/2013). She did her Bachelor’s degree at the Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa, in the performance field (1992/1995) and a post-graduation at the School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam (1995/97). She has the Community Dance Course at Fórum Dança de Lisboa (2006).
In December 2013, Marina Nabais Dança, cultural association is born, where she begins to develop her artistic project in her own name, including collaborators from other artistic areas and partnerships with various institutions.
As a performer she has worked in the areas of dance, theater and video with Francisco Pedro, Grupo de Dança de Almada, António Tavares, Nigel Charnock, Peter Michael-Dietz, Sofia Neuparth, Paula Varanda, Ana Borges, Eléonore Didier, Teatro “O Bando”, Luís Castro, Lúcia Sigalho, Rogério Nuno Costa, Gonçalo C. Luz, Jeanne Waltz, Nuno Tudela, Aldara Bizarro and Stephan Jurgens.
Develops in parallel a pedagogical work, of training for professionals and non-professionals in the area of dance, covering different age groups and diverse audiences. Collaborations: Almada Dance Company; AMDA (Mértola), Lugar Presente (Viseu), Minho University Theatre (Braga), Fórum Dança (Lisbon), O Teatrão (Coimbra), Maria Matos Theatre (Lisbon), Douro Museum (Peso da Régua), Viriato Theatre (Viseu), ArtemRede (various locations), Lisbon National Conservatory.

Ricardo Machado Choreographer and regular performer in multiple contexts of contemporary performing arts, usually integrating transdisciplinary research groups in artistic co-creation.
He has worked as a performer and co-creator with several choreographers and directors, such as Aldara Bizarro, Né Barros, Moncho Rodriguez, Victor Hugo Pontes, Rui Lopes Graça, Kurt Demey, Marielle Morales, Olga Roriz, Karine Ponties, Anna Réti, Ido Batash, Madalena Victorino, Circolando, Luiz Antunes, São Castro, António Cabrita, Roberto Olivan, Hotel Europa, among others.
The great engine of his artistic presence is invariably movement, and his area of creation, dance – in pure formal situations (the theater room), but also in those dictated by the space and context of creation. Her most recurrent thematic affection is that of a questioning of the performative mode of being and the place of the audience.
“Como pedras fora do chão”, co-created with Pedro Salvador; “REI-SOL”; “L’après-midi d’un sportif”; “Point of You”, co-created with Anna Réti; “Ponto Ómega”, co-created with Madalena Victorino; “Take a Stand”, co-created with Clara Antunes and “MARKULUS” give name to the first proposals he signed.