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© Cláudia Morais

BODY-MAP-BOOK is a play that messes up the library. It starts from the BOOK as a specific object and as an inducer of transformative experiences of the BODY. It suggests the multiplication of different experiences, which lead to the discovery of new spaces and senses. A poetic game between two interpreters takes us on a journey where new MAPS are revealed. It opens a new dimension of the book, with the map and as a place of the body journey. It also reveals a dimension of the body while inscribing a process translatable into books.

A piece for an audience that already reads and realises itself as a dynamic and growing reader. A dance-theater performance, that starts from the book as an object, and the idea of traveling. Brief excerpts of Fernando Pessoa and all his heteronyms are used during the piece. Although the text is in Portuguese, it will be translated to the native language of the country in which it is presented.

Biblioteca Municipal do Barreiro – Barreiro | December 12th, 2020 | 11:00

Age Rating | +8

Estimated duration | 50 minutes

Price | free

For more informations about Body-Map-Book click here.