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Photo ©Inez Gt


Performance for movement and light

Body Space Light is born from the improvised encounter on stage between two people who communicate with each other: one through the Body, the other through the Light.
Space, created by silence, is the basis for a mutual understanding that can only be achieved by actively listening to the other.
Without a pre-defined theme or any prior orientation, the moments that arise are therefore unrepeatable.
Body Space Light is a performance that only requires the willingness of both the artists and the audience to observe and experience the uniqueness of the moment, materialized by the body and the moving light.

In 2024, the presentation is proposed in a conference and workshop format, followed by a talk.

Co-creation Marina Nabais e Miguel Cruz
Movement performance and costumes Marina Nabais
Light performance Miguel Cruz
Video Eva Ventura Ângelo
Executive production Marina Nabais Dança, Associação Cultural
Cultural advice Sara Santana

Place Theatre and Film School, Amadora

Date and schedule
May 18, 10AM – 1PM

Booking comunicacao.marinanabais@gmail.com
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