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Marina Nabais - Na Ausência do Meu CorpoPhotography by Inês Galvão Teles

In the Absence of My Body

In the Absence of My Body is a solo performance that develops as a return to home. The house is the body in motion which reveals its play of textures, rhythms, tonalities and impressions. The house, still as a nucleus of sensations that integrates body with the world, extending an own geography of the sensitive.
The body as a material of life in dialogue with shadow and light, the body creates a new visible surface and a new way of living in a landscape.
What remains in the absence of the body? A memory of the movement which is in permanent transformation.

Auditório Municipal António Silva – Agualva / Cacém

Target | +14 anos

Time | 40 minutos

Price | still not available

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