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International residency by BARINAMO with Marina Nabais, at Seoul Dance Center. Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Korean Tour was postponed to 2021. Thus, Marina Nabais will participate via teleconference from Lisbon.


Since 2013, Bari Kim and Namo Joo have been working as the artist duo, BARINAMO and moved their base camp from Seoul which is vivid, dynamic city to Jeju island surrounded by the sea in the very south of Korea. They wanted to experiment their life and art deeply with their own way. From this change, They are experimenting sustainable life and art & dance ; eating from farming/ dancing from meditating/traveling from staying / being from doing /doing from being.

BARINAMO work internationally in many cities of Europe and Korea to research and create movement and covers wide range of body/movement research and performance, improvisation work, installation and video work. Both of Bari Kim and Namo Joo graduated from Korean National University of Arts and are certified Somatic Movement Educator(SME) of Body-Mind  Centering®(BMC).

More information: www.barinamo.blogspot.com