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WITH THE FEET aims to reflect on individual and collective freedom in relation to nature, looking at a broad dimension of time and space. By changing my perception of my body, can I change my way of being, acting and thinking?
The process of creating this project takes the form of meetings with 3rd cycle and secondary school students, teachers, educational assistants and other people working in the field of training and pedagogy.
In this context, training is provided for the entire educational community and those interested in pedagogy, with the aim of transmitting working tools based on self-knowledge, self-observation and relaxation. It can be used to develop skills for working with students in a training context.

Teacher Marina Nabais

Aimed at teachers, monitors, trainers, educational assistants and anyone interested in topics related to education and pedagogy.

Date and schedule
April 12, from 2PM to 6PM

Auditório Bocage, Setúbal

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