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Still Frame ©Eva Ângelo

WITH THE FEET aims to reflect on individual and collective freedom in relation to nature, looking at a broad dimension of time and space. By changing my perception of my body, can I change my way of being, acting and thinking?
The process of creating this project will take the form of meetings with 3rd cycle and secondary school students, teachers, educational assistants and other people working in the field of training and pedagogy.
This workshop will allow us to work with young people on the concept of freedom experienced through the body, drawing on useful reflections and experiences that will serve as the basis for the creation of the show.

Promote psycho-emotional well-being;
Stimulate self-knowledge;
Stimulate individual and collective learning processes;
Promote individual and collective, physical and sensory, artistic and social experiences;
Promote a dialog between the areas of education, social and natural sciences, anatomy and physiology;
Promote practical and participatory work on the body and mind;
To bring the public closer to artistic and cultural practices;
Encourage the public to get closer to nature;
Establishing a close dialog with communities.

Trainers Marina Nabais and Clara Bevilaqua
Target audience M/12 years

February 7 and 9

Luís António Verney School

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