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Project Description

Photo © Inês Galvão Teles and Namo Joo



Tuning Silence is a step by step reflection in action. A performance-research in the area of movement / dance, being simultaneously a space of sharing that materializes a place of non-reaction, voluntary, sensitive and conscious action. The spectator becomes a witness and is invited to observe and act on what he is seeing. Space and those who inhabit it are always stimulus and support for expression.Searching and meeting with a certain measure of effort makes this project the culmination of a research already developed in other creations and redefined through a new journey and a new question. This project, no longer intended to be a show, is rather a call for suspension. An experience of the state of unpredictability in which real-time composition and meditation come together. The dramaturgy is given by a social and political posture of silence, a way of pausing these days, when acceleration is the norm. Its materialization will take place throughout 2020 in the form of research, sharing and performance meetings bringing together national, international and non- professional performing arts professionals, answering together the question: What movement exists in immobility and what dynamism exists in stopping?


In this new research Marina Nabais invites us to stop, through a dynamic hiatus, a non-show, in a non-space, moving away from usual production logic and returning to the body and space in each step of this process. Tuning Silence is the name given to this movement and dance project, with emphasizes research, sharing and performance, with an experimental character, where the focus will be the body/movement laboratory. This will be shared in the form of training, exchange and performance. Tuning Silence is, after all, a return to oneself, resorting to the primordial elements of Dance: Space (Landscape), Time (Rhythm), and Body (Movement).

This change of attitude towards artistic creation involves doing things without a specific goal. The focus is on research itself which is also performance that can be shared over time step by step. Thus, it is not in the production of a show that the attention is focused, but in the art itself, at the moment of creation, which is every moment of the process. Anyone who stays in the research-sharing-performance space will trigger sensations in others and vice versa.

The year 2020 will be dedicated to Tuning Silence, which is a call for pause and a space for establishing connections, points and parallels between various artists and non-professionals, as well as other knowledge and other ways of doing in other latitudes of the world, in the East-West axis, particularly in South Korea. The trip to South Korea will take place in the 2nd semester of 2021. Thus, in 2020/2021, there will be research and training through workshops and laboratories in both Portugal and South Korea, and sharing through performances, and a final choreographic conference, bringing together performing arts professionals, both national and international, and also non-professionals.


Artistic and choreographic direction, interpretation and research  Marina Nabais
Choreographic, interpretation and research | international partnership BARINAMO / Bari Kim e Namo Joo
Scenography Sara Franqueira
Light design Miguel Cruz
Photography Inês Galvão Teles
Video and documentary Eva Ventura Ângelo
Consulting and community’s support Joana Mealha
Executive Production João Moreira

Production Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural

Support BARINAMO project; Câmara Municipal de Almada; Convento dos Capuchos; Eira Teatro da Voz; Espaço Alkantara; Polo Cultural das Gaivotas; Ponto de Encontro, Almada.