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Project Description

Photos © Inês Galvão Teles (Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila, 2021); Eva Ventura Ângelo (Fórum Romeu Correia, 2022); Stephan Jurgens (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, 2023)


Performance for movement and light.

Body Space Light emerges from the improvised meeting on stage between two people who communicate with each other: one through the Body; the other through the Light.
The Space, created by silence, is the basis for a mutual understanding that can only be reached by actively listening to the other.
Without an established theme or any previous orientation, the moments that emerge are, for that very reason, unrepeatable.
Body Space Light is a performance that only requires the availability of both artists and audience to observe and experience the uniqueness of the moment, materialized by the body and by the light in movement.

The exploration phase of Body Space Light began in 2021, as part of Marina Nabais’ Project Silence (2020).
Although the process started in 2021, with a single presentation in the Marvila Municipal Library, its embryonic stage prevented the project from being disseminated and presented to the public in other contexts.

In 2022, it was intended to consolidate the work started, creating an opportunity for the development of a research and experimentation process that ended up extending into 2023 and that is intended to be developed in future meetings.

Co-creation Marina Nabais and Miguel Cruz
Performance, movement and costumes Marina Nabais
Light performance Miguel Cruz
Video recording Eva Ventura Ângelo
Executive production Marina Nabais Dança, Associação Cultural
Cultural Consulting Sara Santana

Duration 50min
Target Audience over six years


Biblioteca de Marvila (Lisboa) – May 08, 2021
Fórum Romeu Correia/Mostra de Teatro de Almada – November 15 and 16, 2022
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa – April 15, 2023