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Project Description


It’s with a line, a little weight and gravity that one builds a plumb line.
If the line reveals trajectory, angles, intersections, suggesting motion, instead of verticality, the imagination can lead us to the question: Who drew this space, led by what desire, intention or causality?
We build and inhabit our homes, streets, places and cities with the people with whom we are involved.

Roundabout Lx – 24.06; 25.11.2017


Choreography Marina Nabais
Interpretation and co-creation Alban Hall, Ana Coimbra Oliveira, Ana Filipa Madeira, Ana Rita Seabra, Ana Rosa Mendes, Andreia Soares, Carolin Hempel, Filipa Leite, Inês Almeida, Nádia Nogueira, Pedro Matias, Tiago Ramos
Music Alban Hall
Acknowledgments Rita Venturini
Support Roundabout Lx