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Project Description

Photo ©Sónia Godinho/Malacate


Entropy is the measure of the amount of kinetic energy that is not converted into work, which dictates the disorder of a system, as well as its unpredictability. Increasing the disorder, i.e. the entropy of a thermodynamic system means, similarly, giving it conditions so that there are a greater number of microstates accessible to the particles that compose it.

Is entropy seen only as loss and chaos? Or can we find a space of resilience and the possibility of generating micro-states of unpredictability that generate life again?

This is the starting point for the duo of dancers and choreographers Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado, who will perform an artistic residence at Mina de São Domingos, from September to December this year. During this period, the two artists will prepare a new dance creation, to be performed together with elements of the community, in a wide window of time and where the sense of belonging and pride is combined with the exploration of new forms of corporal expression.

This workshop is based on the exploration of the concept of “entropy” through the body, the space and also through the relationships established in groups.

The main focus will be the research and explorations based on reflection/action of the everyday gesture and the laws of physics applied to movement. Starting from reality to the imaginary, through concrete physical experience and basic actions, creating metaphors through the observation of natural phenomena are some of the aims of this laboratory.

The artistic residency will take place from September 1st to December 14th, with the public presentation of the show taking place from December 15th to 17th at the Musical, in Mértola.

Entropy is integrated in MALACATE’s program, a multidisciplinary artistic intervention project created specifically for Mina de São Domingos (Mértola): a place with a remarkable mining past, which is proven by the industrial building of impressive aesthetic value that still exists. From a transnational cooperation of Cepa Torta Company with the Municipality of Mértola, Røros kommune (Norway) and Lise Wulff (Norway), it is intended to enhance a new vision of the Mina de S. Domingos through the action of artistic practice and the work of, with and for the local community, creating a contemporary image of the place, not erasing its industrial past, but reoccupying the different spaces with new memories and meanings.

More about Entropy

Co-creation and interpretation Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado
Light design Cláudia Rodrigues
Music Remi Gallet
Video Gonçalo Mota
Promoting structure Companhia Cepa Torta
Financing partner Mértola City Council
Program Operator Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture/General Directorate of Cultural Heritage
Programme partner Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts
Project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway grants through EEA Grants

Première Mina de São Domingos’ Theatre (Mértola) – December 15, 16 and 17, 2023