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Project Description

Photos © Inês Galvão Teles

In White

In White is an invitation to a meeting of an intimate and sensitive space, sharing a stage bed between two dancers and the public.  A sensory experience that pass trough the night, between sleep and wakefulness, with silence and  suspension of time, in a very private journey, giving space to the constant transformation of the moment.  In this play there is a meeting between childhood and adulthood where the unknown, fear and creativity will be experienced.

For over a year, choreographer Marina Nabais has worked with different audiences and formats on the idea of Night. In the countless formations, interviews, and auscultations she conducted, it became evident that the Night contains the unknown, the fear, and the loneliness. But there was no shortage of associations with energy renewal, creativity and transformation.
In White is a dance show that returns the result of these relationships. The sensory is brought by interactivity, proximity to the scenery and familiar sounds.

Next Shows:

13 to 17 November | In white | Premiére – Culturgest Foundation

On Tour 

23 to 26 January | Puppets Museum, Lisbon

23/1: espetáculo 10h30
Espetáculo 14h30
24/1: espetáculo 10h30
Espetáculo 14h30
25/1: espetáculo 16h
26/1: espetáculo 11h30

3 a 7 November| Incrível Almadense, Almada

Date to be confirmed | Centro de Experimentação Artística, Moita

Performance Credits

Artistic and choreographic direction Marina Nabais
Co-creation and interpretaion Carla Ribeiro and Marina Nabais
Choreography assistence Carla Ribeiro
Music Gonçalo Alegria
Costume and scenography Sara Franqueira
Light design and technical direction Miguel Cruz
Photography Inês Galvão Teles
Video André Anastácio and Elisabete Maisão
Book Marks Design André Ferreira
Production João Moreira | Marina Nabais Dança, cultural association
Special participation First class students (A and B classes) from Escola Básica Sampaio Garrido, in the scenographic and sonoplastic construction
Acknowledgements Sara Santana, Ana Coimbra Oliveira, Hugo Vinagre, Sandra Ligeiro, Externato Menino Jesus – Faro
Co-production Culturgest
Support Alkantara, Centro de Experimentação Artística – CEA (Moita), Companhia Clara Andermatt, CAPa DeVIR, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, Estúdios Victor Córdon/Residência Artísticas, Incrível Almadense, Ponto de Encontro, Teatro Extremo, Tertúlia Associação Cultural, Câmara Municipal de Almada

Projet Cofinanced by DG Artes | Ministério da Cultura
Estimated duration 45 min
Age rating Families (over 6 years old)

For more information about the tour of In White click here.