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Project Description


Today we live in a hyperconnected spiral of possibilities and stimuli.
Marina Nabais, proposed to the 12 participants to reflect on this body / mind on the verge of collapse.
Through a series of exercises and experiments, the thesis of a return to a more contemplative / negative mode of movement was also sought, in which delay and withdrawal allow one to resume caress, abandonment and resistance.
These two paths of existence – Active Life and Contemplative Life – lead us to two different types of fatigue with which we have to negotiate the advancement of our lives.
NO proposes the here and now, a permanent dance between the positive and the negative, inviting us to taste the true aroma of time.

Forum Dança, Lisboa – 10.06.2018
Ponto de Encontro, Almada – 10.11.2018


Choreography Marina Nabais
Interpretation and co-creation Filipa Fernandes, Filipa Leite, Inês Galvão Teles, Jesús Manuel, Mafalda Jorge, Margarida Figueiredo, Patrícia Sousa, Pedro Matias, Rita Seabra
Music Gonçalo Alegria
Light design participants and Manuel Abrantes
Production Marina Nabais Dance, cultural association
Support Forum Dança, Lisbon, Cacilhas Municipal Youth Center – Ponto de Encontro, Almada Town Council
Acknowledgments Carla Ribeiro, Carolin Hempel, VOM, Francisco Marreiro, Miguel Brinca, Roberta Dias