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Project Description

Photos © Sandra Ramos; Beatriz Tomaz


Based on one of the Tales of the Brothers Grimm ” The sea-hare”, it is created a dance solo called Notochord. It is an interpretation with text and movement, of a tale that can be revisited, 200 years later, with a new look, but evoking other times. Notochord is a small piece to be presented on an environment close to the public, where the choreographic drawing is traced along the line of a notochord in relation to the spectator. How can we tell a story with the Body? Notochord is the origin and sharing of very different beings. This base is the matrix that generates the spine, in a metaphor of creating structure.


Choreography, interpretation, sound design, costumes and scenography Marina Nabais
Music João Morais
Support Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, C. M. Almada, GuiarteAge
Rating over 6 years old
Duration 30 min

Pre-debut Paula Rego House of Stories (Cascais) – 06.2011
Premiere Mostra de Teatro de Almada – 11.2012

Guiarte, several primary schools (Amadora) – 2013
Vieira da Silva Foundation (Lisbon) – 13.06.2014
Municipal Libraries (Oeiras) – 13.09, 18.10, 6.12.2014