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Project Description

Photos © Sara Roda; Inês Galvão Teles

Of Silk

Silk threads to soften the air.
Where is its origin? Where do they go? What is their drive?
An invisible labyrinth is inhabited by a dancer that is in transit between real and virtual. A spatial device sets time and sound to dialogue.
A secret path is drawn, a path of secrets and aesthetical magic.

Première Festival IF (Barcelona) 04.11.2015

Antic Thetre (Barcelona) 08.11.2015
Teatro Estúdio António Assunção (Almada) 21.11.2015
Culturgest (Lisboa) – 02 e 03.04.2016
Arquipélago-Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (Açores) – 17.06.2016
Teatro Garcia de Resende (Évora) – 18.10.2017
Museu da Marioneta (Lisboa) – 03 and 04.05.2018


Artistic direction, choreography, dancer Marina Nabais
Costumes Ainhoa Vidal, Marina Nabais and Nuno Nogueira
Stage designer Marina Nabais in collaboration with Gonçalo Alegria
Sound space Gonçalo Alegria
Light designer Miguel Cruz
Video Vagalume Filmes
Photography Alessia Bombassi, Aninha Elyseu, Sandra Ramos and Sara Roda
Production Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural
Co-production Culturgest
Supports Câmara Municipal de Almada, Companhia Clara Andermatt, DeVIR CAPa, Festival IF Barcelona, Teatro Extremo
Acknowledgments Ângela Ribeiro, Catarina Alfaia, Clara Antunes, Manuel Neiva and Rita Borges
Duration 45’
Age rating (suggestion) over 8 years old

The performance works particularly well with teenage audiences, due to its specific physicality and the sensory stimulus induced by the body in contact with the scenic device, producing vibration and a great deal of sound/silence tension. Of Silk also welcomes an imaginary of animated forms. The audience tends to recognize images and to produce narratives related to organic aspects.