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Project Description

Photo © Inês Galvão Teles


Laboratory-performance of movement and music with the choreographer and dancer Marina Nabais and the musician Rémi Gallet, with the participation of elements of the community.

RETURNING HOME has several layers – in a post-pandemic era – which means returning to yourself, to your routines, in a body/consciousness that has been confined, isolated, in a state of permanent stress, without physical contact, with movements restricted and with the fear of illness and death; returning home when we are faced with the need or urgency of having to leave the place we inhabit; returning home in a culture/society that is increasingly focused on technology and disconnected from itself, from nature and from the collective; returning home taking into account the permanent transformations and revolutions of the body: in adolescence we are faced with the speed and strangeness of the transformation of our body, in aging we are faced with the need to deal also with the strangeness of the transformation of our body, as well as all the limitations to which we begin to be subject. In all of them, the place of the body as home will be the main engine that will serve as the motto for this research.


Artistic direction and training Marina Nabais
Live music Rémi Gallet
Performers Andreia Soares, Cláudia Sardinha, Inês Galvão Teles, Iolanda Guerra, Jesus Manuel, Mafalda Jorge, Maria Duarte, Paula Cruz, Pedro Ferreira, Rita Seabra, Sara Batista, Sofia Lopes e Valeria Spinelli
Executive production Leonor Carpinteiro
With the support Câmara Municipal de Almada, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Workshop and Rehearsals – October 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 13 between 7PM and 9:30PM + November 23 and 24 2023
Performance – October 14 2023

Casa da Juventude de Almada – Ponto de Encontro, Cacilhas