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Project Description

Photography ©Jaime Vogado


After six months of contemporary dance/movement laboratory promoted by MND*, we present the result of a small research through the universe of Night.

Suspended reveals a unique space and time, where wakefulness blends with dreams, where generations meet in this oneiric place, sharing sensations and imaginations, in a complicity that came from the choreographer’s challenges, and where each performer was giving proposals and inhabiting these unique moments.

This group is composed of non-professionals who meet weekly to enjoy the work of experimentation, contributing to artistic research in the area of Contemporary Dance and to their own artistic, playful and creative development.

Artistic direction/choreography, sound design and scenic elements Marina Nabais
Co-creation, interpretation, voice, costumes and music Alaíde Costa, Ana Rita Dias, André Samorrinha, Carla Ribeiro, Filipa Fernandes, Filipa Leite, Inês Galvão Teles, Joana Mealha, Lucinda Ribeiro, Margarida Figueiredo, Mariana Venes, Nádia Nogueira, Olívia Correia , Patrícia Sousa, Tilda Stertzig do Nascimento
Special Participation Carolin Hempel
Light operation Diana Especial
Sound editing Pedro F. Sousa
Photography Jaime Vogado
Graphic design André Ferreira
Production Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural
Reception Ponto de Encontro
Acknowledgements Albio Nascimento, Ava Krstsch Abecassis, Daniela Krstsch, Mia Krstsch Abecassis, Kathi Stertzig.

Meeting Point (Almada) – July 13, 2019
Meeting Point (Almada) – November 23, 2019 (Almada Theater Showcase)