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Project Description

Fotography © Luís Belo/CEM Palcos


“Listening to the needs of other living beings,” is how we began our research journey.
In a place where few people still live, their stories remain in fragments. And their experiences, in a daily life where time is still time and remains latent. With our five senses awake and our hearts open, we felt, processed and transformed this short journey, in which each element was fundamental to artistic creation.
Where we sought healing, we found a profound humanity and generosity on the part of the people of the land and what remains of this nature that is still present.
Welcoming, listening and guiding are the new tools we take away from this whole process, always in dialog.
Very slowly, Sussurrandar…

SUSSURRANDAR is an original creation based on testimonies collected in Saint-Pierre-de-France in July and August 2023.

Diálogos is a project made up of artistic residencies held in the parishes furthest from the seat of the municipality of Viseu.
The project is produced by CEM PALCOS:

Artistic coordination Joana Pupo
Creation and interpretation Marina Nabais e Tavo Iván Romero
Executive production, communication and technical operation Filipa Fróis
Design, photography and video Luís Belo
Content and press office Susana Morais
Production and communication director Guida Rolo
Artistic director CEM Palcos Graeme Pulleyn
Production CEM Palcos
Voices António (Balisque), Bruno Lopes, crianças da Escola de Casal de Esporão, Fernanda Lopes, Helena Correia, Idalina (Figueiredo), Júlio Correia, Lucília Rodrigues, Maria da Luz (Figueiredo), Ramiro Cunha
Props support Helena Correia e Maria Alice Marques
Acknowledgements Ana Rita Figueiredo, Associação de São Pedro de France, Catarina Silva, Dorinda Silva, Junta de Freguesia de Santos Êvos, Rosalinda (Figueiredo), Maria do Céu (Santos Êvos).

Funding Eixo Cultura – Município de Viseu
Supported by Junta de Freguesia de Barreiros e Cepões, Junta de Freguesia de Calde, Junta de Freguesia de Cavernães, Junta de Freguesia de Côta, Junta de Freguesia de Ribafeita e Junta de Freguesia de São Pedro de France


August 11th, 2023
Parque da Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Figueiredo – São Pedro de France

August 12th, 2023
Capela de Santo António, Vouguinha – Côta

August 13th, 2023
Igreja Matriz de Ribafeita – Ribafeita

August 18th, 2023
Cimo do Povo, Nogueira de Cima – Barreiros e Cepões

August 19th, 2023
Parque Ambiental de Cavernães – Cavernães

August 20th, 2023
Largo da Associação de Paraduça – Calde