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Project Description

The Place I Occupy

The chosen position and the place one occupies can have significant individual and collective consequences. This presentation comes from a choreographic lab, where from five pre-defined positions we sought to investigate their links and observe the possibilities of the improvised movement.

Through differences of interpretation, weight, level, rhythm and occupation of space, the individual gave rise to a living architecture in which each one occupied a place in a whole that is transfigured and reorganized at all times. From our search was born a common consciousness – an organism that suddenly dances.

Roundabout Lx – 4.06.2016


Choreography Marina Nabais
Interpretation and co-creation Alban Hall, Ana Coimbra Oliveira, Ana Filipa Madeira, Ana Rita Dias, Beatriz Fonseca, Denise Zenicola, Edgar Oliveira, Filipa Leite, Michele Campos, Sara Campos
Original Music Pedro Salvador
General Assistance Edite Queiroz
Production Marina Nabais Dança, Cultural Association
Support Roundabout Lx