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Project Description

Photos © Beatriz Tomaz

Through the River

The body as a river.
Just as in a river, the fluids of our body flow and take matters to another port
In this movement the impermanence of water is observed.
The waters run and fulfill their destiny in a disappearance and rebirth simultaneously
The River as a Body.
By its nature, the river does not go back. Human nature is always in return, through error and the pursuit of perfection, Trough the River invites to contemplation and confrontation of two geographies, one of the river and other of the human, starting from the flow movement and river banks as matter of Dance.

Choreography Marina Nabais
Performers / Co-creators Alban Hall, Marina Nabais, Tonan Quito
Dramaturgy Manuela Pedroso
Costumes Ainhoa ​​Vidal
Sound concept Margarida Mestre
Original soundtrack Goncalo Gato
Voices Alban Hall, Margarida Mestre, Marina Nabais, Tonan Quito
Stage Design Rita Borges
Lighting Design Cláudia Rodrigues
Photography and video Beatriz Tomaz
Production  Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural
Structure financed by (MC) Ministry of Culture / (DGArtes) Direcção Geral das Artes (2011)
Co-production Cinema Teatro Joaquim d’Almeida – C. Montijo, Balleteatro
Supports Fábrica das Artes / CCB, ABFE, C. M. Almada, Company Olga Roriz – Space Tranquilidade
Age rating over 12 years old

Première Cinema Teatro Joaquim de Almeida (Montijo) – 24.09.2011

Balleteatro  (Porto) – 04.11.2011
Teatro Joaquim Benite (Almada) – 02.2012
Teatro Meridional (Lisboa) – 06.2012