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Project Description

Photos © Carlos Melo (Coimbra, Ourém); Filipe Metelo (Viseu); Inês Galvão Teles (Tábua)


Vagar * is a contemporary dance / movement community project that aims to reflect about how humanity relates to this global organization.
The project has as starting point the concepts Positive and Negative, based on the book of Byung Chul Han, called The Burnout Society.
The proposal was to find space and time, inside and outside, in a place of a healthy and contemplative “tiredness”.
This show was held with the team of Marina Nabais Dança, cultural association, along with a group of local people, living in Ourém.
It was presented in external patrimonial spaces.

* Integrated order within the scope of the Artéria project, which has as its theme New Times, characterized by containing projects whose epicenters are urban centers of historical and small scale determined by the importance of the built heritage they contain. New Times cross different temporal dimensions, namely the possibility of meeting the memory with the need to inject modernity in the heritage and to assume it and live in the present time. The Artéria project (project CENTRO-07-2114-FEDER-000022) is Co-sponsored by Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Viseu, Guarda, Belmonte, Fundão, Tábua and Ourém Municipalities. Project co-financed by the CENTRO 2020 Program, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, through the European Structural Funds and Investment.

Artistic direction, choreography Marina Nabais
Choreographic assistance Carla Ribeiro
Interpretation and co-creation Carla Ribeiro, Yonel Castilla Serrano Community – Ângela Gonçalves, David Custódio, Dulce Maurício, Ana Mafalda Faria, Matilde Gonçalves, Soraia Lopes
Original Music and Sound Gonçalo Alegria
Costumes Nuno Nogueira
Light design and technical direction Manuel Abrantes
Technical equipment rental and technical services Blackbox
Production Sara Santana
Executive Production Production d’Fusão – Filipe Metelo and Patrícia Soares
Project management Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural
Sewing Studio Lurdes Baldaia
Video and editing Rui Ventura
Photography Carlos Gomes

Duration 60min
Target Audience M/6 years

Première  Medieval Village (Ourém) – August 03 to 05, 2018

Sarah Beirão Garden (Tábua) – September 15, 2018
Pátio da Inquisição (Coimbra) – October 29, 2018
D. Duarte Square (Viseu) – October 06, 2018