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Regular Classes

Creative dance is an artistic and pedagogical expression that, in a playful way, helps the participants to develop a healthy relationship with the body, movement, space and the environment that surrounds them. This activity allows the development of concentration, creativity, notion of the body and relationship with others.

In recent years, the association has developed this practice in several contexts and age groups, always having as a base the quotidian. Dance exists everywhere, from the moment we wake up until the day is over; in nature; in the organization of a city; and in the imperceptible movements of our organism.

Adeco, Lisbon
— classes for babies (1, 2 years) with Clara Bevilaqua
— classes for children (3-5 years) with Marina Nabais

ACCCA, Lisbon
— classes for children (6-12 years) with Marina Nabais
Dançarte, CM Loures
— classes for children, in school context, 3rd and 4th years. Several teachers

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