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The dance workshops aim to promote contemporary dance within the community, and, in a playful way, acknowledge the body, the movement, going through the history of dance and bringing generations together.

These classes are aimed for several ages, circulate in different contexts and can adapt to theaters, museums, experimental rooms. They can be presented in a single session, or in several sessions, after performances or in independent contexts. They are aimed at the general public and teachers/educators.

There are other workshops, which are not included in these descriptions. In case of interest please contact.

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This workshop will focus on BARINAMO’s research,- Fluid Body- about fluidity & body/movement as a fluid to meet the integrated movement and body state incorporating improvisation dance, contact improvisation dance, experiential anatomy, and developmental principles.

Participants will have deep experiences of released and expressive fluid movement quality embracing the inner and outer space through dance, touch, voice, partnering, writing , poem writing and discussion.

*. POONG-GYUNG BARINAMO’S ART THEME – THE BODY AS A SPIRIT-SPAN (Poong-gyung) – “Dance is expressed for what it is or is.”

3 solos with Bari Kim, Marina Nabais, & Namo Joo

At the end of this workshop, the three artists will meet to share their solos in a joint event.


Workshop BARINAMO (KR): Feb 17 to Feb 21 2020 – 10 am –to 1 pm, Teatro da Voz, Lisboa

Performance 22 Feb 2020 – 4 pm, Ponto de Encontro, Cacilhas, Almada


People interested in contemporary dance, movement and body.

Prices and inscriptions
until Jan 31: 60€
After Jan 31: 75€


Since 2013, Bari Kim and Namo Joo have been working as the artist duo, BARINAMO and moved their base camp from Seoul which is vivid, dynamic city to Jeju island surrounded by the sea in the very south of Korea. They wanted to experiment their life and art deeply with their own way. From this change, They are experimenting sustainable life and art & dance ; eating from farming/ dancing from meditating/traveling from staying / being from doing /doing from being.

BARINAMO work internationally in many cities of Europe and Korea to research and create movement and covers wide range of body/movement research and performance, improvisation work, installation and video work. Both of Bari Kim and Namo Joo graduated from Korean National University of Arts and are certified Somatic Movement Educator(SME) of Body-Mind  Centering®(BMC).

Poems in Motion

Starting from the project A Noite, these sessions use exercises, practices and movement proposals to perceive and investigate the themes that describe and link of the families, leading the participants to question about the night and about them.

The Essays for a Poem consist, on the one hand, of an opportunity to deepen the subject and to develop a closer investigation with the families and, on the other, in preparation for the Poems in Motion.

Orientation of Marina Nabais.

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Dance improvisation sessions, where movement is the basis of research and creation.

The first part is composed of a directed tuning, which awakens the attention on the body, space, time and the other participants, in search of a collective sense. Then, a set of tasks / proposals related to some themes of improvisation will be given soon after, in an open format, and with live music.

These sessions have a beginning, middle and end, so it is not necessary to have participated in previous sessions. They are aimed at all those interested (and curious) in movement, dance, theater and improvisation techniques.

Level open to all formations.

Oficina De Seda

This workshop is a sharing of a choreographic process of the show De Seda. The choreographer Marina Nabais invites the participants to enter a very particular universe, where movement, space and sound meet in a single artistic object.

For more information: Of Silk (2015)

Oficina com Livros

Headed to children, teenagers, adults and families, which aims to lead the people to discover the book as a living and changing object and subject to multiple approaches. It is based on the performance Corpo-Mapa-Livro.

For more information: Body-Map-Book (2016)