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The dance workshops aim to disseminate contemporary dance within the community, and, in a playful way, to make the body and movement known, to travel a little through the history of dance and to bring generations together.

These formations are aimed at various ages, circulate in diverse contexts, and can adapt to theaters, museums, and experimental rooms. They can be presented in a single session, or in several sessions, be presented or not in performance contexts. They are aimed at the general public and the educational community.

There are other workshops that do not appear in these descriptions; in case of interest please contact us.

Little Poems – Training with the educational community

In the scope of the project Little Poems Outside (LPO) a training session directed to the educational community is proposed. This training is theoretical and practical in nature in which the video-poems Seed’s Life and The Window of Sensations are analyzed and tools on dance are transmitted to educators so that this learning is integrated into the programmatic content.

Following the training, activities will be implemented with students based on guidelines provided by the artistic team, with the aim of exploring the contents of the video-poems. The activities, although facilitated by the educators, are guided by a script provided by the team containing suggestions for exercises and reflection clues. The implementation phase will be monitored by Marina Nabais or Carla Ribeiro, who will make available a fixed number of hours to answer questions during the implementation process. At the end, an evaluation of the results will be done with the teachers.

In previous stages of the project, training courses were also developed in the scope of Little Poems of Now (LPN) and Little Poems of Now – Lab (LPN-Lab). More about LPN and LPN-Lab here.

Supervision Marina Nabais, Carla Ribeiro
Total training duration 8h (training that can be credited)
Implementation of activities Over 3 months (ideally)
Target Audience Educators of 1st cycle


PPL Workshops
Budens Primary School (training for teachers of the 1st cycle of Vila do Bispo) – 07 and 08 March 2022
Aveirense Theater (training for teachers of the 1st cycle of Aveiro) – 17th and 18th of March 2022

PPA-Lab Workshops
Museu do Douro/Espaço Miguel Torga (training for the Douro Museum team and primary school teachers from Sabrosa and Peso da Régua) – 28th and 29th January 2022
Antiga Escola do Serominheiro – Centro Social, Cultural e Recreativo do Rogil (training for Rogil primary school teachers) – February 07th and 08th, 2022
Cesário Verde School (training for 1st cycle students) – February 01, 02, 13, 14 and 15, 2022
Sabrosa’s School Center Library (presentation for 1st cycle students of Sabrosa) – April 12, 2022
Alameda School Center/Teatrinho Reguense (presentation of 1st cycle students of Peso da Régua) – April 12, 2022

PPA Workshops
Escola Básica do Castelo, Escola Básica Sarah Afonso and Escola Básica Maria da Luz de Deus Ramos (training for 1st cycle teachers in Lisbon) – September and October 2020


Poems in Motion

Poems in Movement corresponds to one of the core activities of the show In White.

In this In White place, an intimate space is shared through movement, in which one is invited to enter an unknown time, with proposals to explore themes inherent to this very particular place. It is investigated solo, in pairs and in groups, until it reaches a small collective composition.

Orientation Marina Nabais
Duration 1h30/2h00
Target group Intergenerational workshop, M/6 years old


Improvisational dance sessions, where movement is the basis for research and creation.

The first part is composed of a directed warm-up, which brings attention to the body, the space, the time and the other participants, in the search for a sense of collective. Next, a set of tasks/proposals are given related to some themes of improvisation that will take place immediately afterwards, in an open format, and with live music.

These sessions have a beginning, middle and end, so it is not necessary to have participated in previous sessions. They are for anyone interested (and curious) in movement, dance, theater, and improvisation techniques.

Level open to all backgrounds.

Orientation Marina Nabais
Calendar and venue On a quarterly basis, alternately in Almada and Lisbon
Next session: December 16, in the afternoon (time to be defined), at Casa da Juventude – Ponto de Encontro, Cacilhas
Target Audience All ages
Prices Donation
Registration by e-mail

Of Silk

This workshop is a sharing of a choreographic process of the show Of Silk. The choreographer Marina Nabais invites the participants to enter a very particular universe, where movement, space and sound meet in a single artistic object.

For more information: Of Silk (2015)

Workshop with Books

Headed to children, teenagers, adults and families, which aims to lead the people to discover the book as a living and changing object and subject to multiple approaches. It is based on the performance Corpo-Mapa-Livro.

For more information: Body-Map-Book (2016)

Workshops developed with the Education Service of the Douro Museum

Since 2011, Marina Nabais has been collaborating with the Education Service of the Douro Museum, directed by Marisa Adegas and Samuel Guimarães.
This collaboration is based on proposals of design and construction of workshops for schools with which the SE works throughout the year, as well as a reflection and sharing of tools in the area of movement/dance for the team and also for the educational community of this region.